After procastinating for quite sometime, I finally decided to migrate from blogger to Octopress using Jeklly and likes. In this post, I have tried to compile the steps in detail.

Export xml from blogger

Go to settings page of your blogger and click the “Export blog”, link as shown in the image below.


This will open a modal pop-up window. Click on the “Download blog” button to download an xml output of all your posts.


In the next section, we will see how to convert the xml into htmls by a running a ruby script. (Note: You should have ruby installed on your machine to run this script). Run gem install nokogiri to install ruby xml parser.

Run the script to create markdown files

Run the script below: ruby blogger_import.rb downloaded_blogger.xml

This will generate _posts and _drafts directories with all relevant posts in html format.


Install & Configure Octopress

Follow the step by step guide here to setup octopress on your local. I have used github pages to deploy the Octopress blog but there are other options as well. Alsobe sure to check the blog confirguration section.

Integrate plugins

Octopress has options to integrate with 3rd party plugins like:

  • Disqus
  • Github
  • Twitter

Sample _config.yml file which I used in this blog setup.

Customizing and Theming

The link gives details of customizing the navigation bar, color schemes etc. There are few themes which can be used to change the aesthetics of the page and layout.

Flaunt your achievement badges from coderwall

Coderwall is the online reputation system for developers. It exposes a simple JSON representation of every profile. The api can used to show off ‘achievemnt badges’.

Add the below script to source/_includes/asides/coderwall.html and add asides/coderwall.html to your default_asides array in _config.yml file.

Make sure you also add:

coderwall_endorse_me: true

This will also add endorse me link to your blog as shown below:


Set re-direction from blogger to new Octopress blog

Follow the steps below to setup re-direct from blogger to this new site.

  • Design -> Layout -> Edit HTML
  • Find <head> tag
  • Add the following line below the <head> tag as below:
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url="/>
  • Save the file

You are done, blogger will redirect to your new site.

Thats it !!

Hope this helps in setting your blog site using Octopress.