Well its been long I blogged but better late than never… :)))
Been busy with projects, visit to India etc etc … I can come up with a long list of excuses but none of them will be procrastinating … hehehe

I forced my self out of hibernation to blog about a recent (strange ??) problem I faced.
In one of my projects, I came across a fairly common requirement to upload a file (multipart form-data post) through a ruby script. Pretty simple huhhh!

Unfortunately I was stumped to find that net/http library does not support it (still dont believe it!!). The documentation is very poor and it took me sometime to figure out net/http treats them all as string. CRAP !!!.

Some nice libraries eg: rest_client, httpclient, curb etc.. do a decent job in terms of posting the file, but they all mess with either creating incorrect boundaries for multi-part form or mess with content_length header of form-post

My requirement was to make http post call (multipart form data post) to Domino server. The domino app was very particular about content_length header, which is where I faced the biggest hurdle in using them.

Left with no choice, rolled up my sweet multipart form post.

Sharing with you all ruby-multipart-post.

How to use ==> here

Any feedback, most welcome …

Enjoy !!!